The 2015 SYM HD200 EVO

SYM's signature scooter is unrivaled when it comes to performance and endurance.

Since it's introduction to the US market, SYM has had a big impact on the scooter market in the USA. The SYM HD200 is SYM's flagship scooter and probably the best all around scooter on the market right now. No other scooter company offers ceramic coated cylinders. The water cooled four stroke engine delivers 16hp and the 60W halogen headlight turns any night into day. Other features include: water cooling, dual hydraulic disc brakes, 4-valve technology, DOHC and 16" tires.
  • An happy HD200 owner: Lots of safety features and great modern design.

To understand SYM, their products and why they are driven to be a high quality manufacturer, one has to look into the history of SYM itself. SYM was founded in 1947 as Ching Feng Hang, an import company of BSA motorcycles. It wasn't until 1954 that the name Sanyang was first mentioned: Sanyang Electrics. Sanyang Electrics was soon to be restructured into Sanyang Industrial Co. Ltd. in 1961. In 1962 SYM formed a joint venture with Honda to begin local assembly of motorcycles, making them the first motorcycle manufacturer in Taiwan.
  • The "money bike": The Honda CB125/150 has been made by SYM since the early 1970's.

In 1969 SYM started assembling small Honda cars such as the Honda TN360 and the Honda N600. These cars were very popular and even made it to the United states as a provided video clip of an old Honda commercial illustrates. As Sanyang's own motorcycles entered direct competition with Honda's products worldwide, the relationship was terminated in January 2002.

    Nice vintage video clip showing the Honda 600 micro car as manufactured by SYM.

It was this 32 year long cooperation with Honda that transferred the know how and instilled SYM's never ending thirst for perfection and quality. For SYM it's not about developing a competitive product, it's about setting the bar. During the 2008 Cannonball run, the SYM HD200 left the entire competition in the dust and made it across the USA in just 10 days with no technical problems, finishing 1st. SYM was able to repeat the run, coming in 3rd place in 2012 using the same 2006 model HD200 and engine as in 2008 without any modifications or rebuilds. Mostly, modified rules for the 2012 run were responsible for the SYM HD200 scooter “only” finishing 3rd. See link:
  • Advertising image showing a Honda TN360 micro car as produced by SYM during the 1970's

The HD200 represents a unique success story for SYM, documenting not only their commitment to creating a reliable but also a superior scooter. It has been manufactured continuously since 2002 with relatively minor modifications. In Europe, the HD200 EVO is sold with fuel Injection whereas in the USA the EVO is sold as a carburated version, which is a choice made by the US distributor to save purchasing cost. The SYM HD200 scooter was introduced to the US market in 2006, where it was an immediate success. The combination of performance (16hp/74mph top speed), ergonomics (it seats lower than a Vespa LX), reliability and appealing design played a big part in it's success. SYM invested a lot of time designing the HD series. A lot of pricey technology was applied and smart solutions were found. A strong focus was put on the consumers benefit instead of solely saving production cost. A lot of these solutions are not immediately noticeable like the external, lockable fuel cap (instead of a cheap cap under the seat storage as most other manufacturers do in order to save on production cost), the ceramic coated cylinder technology (less friction, cooler running) and an electric system that produces enough excess amperage to charge the battery, even when the bike is merely idling. One of the outstanding features of the HD200 is it's “crash forgiveness”. Most modern scooters consist of a steel tube frame with the bodywork built around that frame, as does the HD200. One problem that presents itself with the heavy use of modern plastic materials is that it shatters, cracks and breaks relatively easily compared to steel which usually dents and bends upon impact. The HD200 was designed keeping that aspect in mind. As a result, the HD200 scooter can be laid down without or barely even touching the body panels. Instead most of the impact hits the handlebar end steel caps and the luggage rack. Typically, with the exception of a few scratches to the paint, an HD200 doesn't receive a lot of damage when being laid down.

"The HD200 represents a unique success story for SYM, documenting not only their commitment to creating a reliable but also a superior scooter"

  • 2015 HD200 EVO Spec Sheet

    The 2015 spec sheet for the SYM HD200 (Click on image to retrieve)

Although it gives the impression of being a “big” bike(especially when placed on it's center stand), the HD200 seats lower than a lot of it's smaller looking competitors and it stays within the same weight ratio as other brands. It acts as a very agile scooter in inner cities, while it takes on shorter road trips and highway rides without any problems. It's the prefect modern urban commuter. When starting an HD200, the one noticeable thing is the lack of a kick starter. The dirty little secret of the scooter industry is, that even though most scooters today come with an electric start, the charging systems of scooter is usually the weak spot, making it inevitable that the day will come when the kick start will find use. Not so with the HD200. Because of its strong charging system the battery will always provide enough charge for starting. Even when the scooter is used for lots of successive short rides. The bike accelerates fast, boosting acceleration after reaching 20mph. A Vespa GTS250ie is quicker of the line but once the HD200 reaches 20mph, it leaves the Vespa behind. Topping out at roughly 74mph, it's the fastest scooter in the 150cc class of scooters, which the HD200 belongs to since the engine size is only 171cc. The dual disc brakes provide ample power to bring the scooter to a stand quickly and safely. Most modern scooters in the 150cc class still use 35 halogen headlights, which in cities is usually enough because cities themselves have street lights, making it easier for others to see a scooter at night.
  • A 2012 SYM HD200 showing off its large bright 60W halogen headlight

Once a scooter is taken on a country road, the disadvantages of a 35W headlight become sadly apparent. The HD200 provides a 60W halogen headlight and a large reflector that spreads the light out nice and wide, making night rides safe rides. The realistic fuel efficiency of an HD200 is right around 75mpg, which makes it more efficient than a Vespa 150 for example. At a price of $3495.00 and with a warranty of 2 years given by SYM, the SYM HD200 leaves it's competition in the dust. In San Francisco, SYM is sold by sf moto. They have carried the SYM product line since 2006. The entire dealer network in the USA exceeds 200 dealers (as of 2012) and includes all US states. Wherever you move, you can find a SYM dealer nearby to service your scooter. If you would like to know more about the SYM HD200 or other SYM scooters, feel free to send an email or tweet at Twitter.
    SF moto in San Francisco

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